A Copyright legally grants the orignator of a work exclusive rights to its publishing and work.

At William Lovin & Assoc., PLLC, we can help you protect your copyrights to computer software, electronic data, publications, technical materials, instructional materials, artwork, drawings, architectural plans, and sculpture. We work proactively to ensure that proper safeguards are in place to eliminate questions regarding copyright ownership and use before they occur. We conduct comprehensive company audits to ensure that your rights are properly protected and to ensure that proper systems are in place to protect your rights in the future.

Services Offered:

We provide a variety of services to ensure that your rights are properly protected and that your and to ensure that proper systems are in place to protect your rights in the future.

  • U.S. Federal copyright registration.
  • Opinions on infringement, freedom-to-use, and transformative use.
  • Work-for-hire, licensing, use and employment rights agreements.
  • Litigation - Copyright enforcement and defense. Defense of "copyright troll" cases.
  • "Copyright Troll" Defense

    Certain holders of registered and unregistered copyrights in various movies and videos are acting to enforce their rights through coercively agressive means. These individuals target Internet users participating in BitTorrentĀ® file sharing "swarms" whose members are observed downloading a particular movie by recording the IP addresses in use as a download session progresses.

    The copyright holder then files a lawsuit in Federal or state court against the anonymous Internet subscribers to whom the IP addresses were assigned when the downloading was observed. These anonymous Internet subscribers are knows as "Does".The copyright holder then takes advantage of the expedited/accelerated discovery process available in some state courts and in Federal courts through the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to uncover the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of these "Does".

    The copyright holder then uses the personal information thus obtained to secure a "settlement" - often ranging from $500 to $7,500 - from each alleged downloader. The copyright holder often trades on the pornographic noteriety of the subject matter to embarass, or otherwise coerece, the alleged downloader into settling. The copyright holder can be as agressive as they wish in attempting to collect this payment, since they are not limited by conventional Federal and state debt collection acts.

    Fortunately, a multitude of technical and legal procedural flaws have been exposed in many of these cases making a successful defense possible in many situations. While this statement is not intended to suggest that a particular outcome may be obtained in any particular case, we do encourage you to contact our office for further details.

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