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Infringement Analysis deals with two broad areas: i) Determining whether a particular patent is valid or not; and, ii) Determining if, and by whom, a particular patent is being infringed.

In the former case, a "litigation search" is done as a means to invalidate patents against which a defendant is accused of infringing. The invalidation process may occur either in court or via a reexamination process through the USPTO, but in either case, high quality surveys of the operative prior art are mandatory. William Lovin & Assoc., PLLC has extensive experience providing a diversified range of litigation search services including: prior art searches, invalidity analysis, lack-of-enablement analysis, non-infringement opinions, and claim construction analysis and mapping.

In the latter case, we proactively survey analogous technical applications to discern even the most subtle types of infringement. We can then recommend a series of steps that are designed to culminate in the recovery of a fair and equitable royalty for patents that have puposely or inadvetently been misappropriated.

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Because our associates are engineers, scientists, and researchers we have a deep base of experience in real-world research and development environments. As a result, we can locate inventors, experts, academicians, standards body participants, and other technical resources who might testify on the client’s behalf. We utilize our investigative expertise to locate those hard-to-get documents or out-of-date products that may invalidate an asserted patent claim.

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