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Whether it be patents, trademarks or copyrights, IP valuation requires a unique approach to each situation and set of goals.

For your IP valuation, William Lovin & Assoc., PLLC will align your project scope with your overall goals and objectives. We will work within your budget and timing constraints. Our consulting teams are made up of professionals with law, business, science, and engineering degrees. Our professionals have a long track record of conducting IP valuations and working within the intricacies of IP law.

IP Valuation Approaches

Income Approach

  • The Income Approach provides a value indication of the IP by converting future cash flow from the IP to a single current value.
  • Market Approach

  • The Market Approach seeks to identify comparable IP which has been bought or sold and can be used to value the asset.
  • Cost Approach

  • The Cost Approach assigns a value based on the cost of creating the existing IP and the cost of replacing the existing IP with a new, but comparable asset.
  • Assertion Studies

    William Lovin & Assoc., PLLC (WLA) can conduct assertion studies using either a targeted or a broad approach. In the targeted approach, we analyze the products and services documentation of your known competitors as they relate to your patent(s). In the broad approach, we expand the search to look for unknown competitors that are practicing the claims of your patent(s). WLA can also perform market analysis to establish the current and projected future economic impact of the patented technologies. From this information a revenue opportunity assessment can be made for the potential licensing and litigation targets. WLA has experience performing assertion studies on single patents as well as on portfolios of up to 10,000 patents. Additionally, we have helped our clients create marketing material, negotiate with third parties, and craft license and sales agreements.

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