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Patents are an increasingly important tool to protect your technology. However, the latest Supreme Court and Appeals Court rulings means it takes more skill than ever to effectively secure patent protection for your unique technology.

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Your trademarks form the cornerstone of your brand development and public relations efforts. We can help create, secure, and protect these vital pieces of intellectual property.

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Copyrights can be obtained for any original work of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Art, recordings, films, and software are but a few examples. We can help register and protect these important pieces of intellectual property.

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Trade Secrets

Every great idea starts out as a trade secret and some of them are better off staying that way. Let us help you decide what's right for your great ideas.

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IP Valuation Analysis

Sarbanes-Oxley makes it important to understand the value of your intellectual property portfolio. A thorough audit of your intellectual property may uncover assets you don't even know you have.

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Infringement Analysis

Infringers must be identified to be litigated against. Some infingement may be so subtle it is extremely hard to detect. It takes both skilled technicians and lawyers to protect your valuable intellectual property.

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